Welcome to Kenlo Farms

Located in the rolling hills of North Central Illinois, Kenlo Farms is at the cross roads of the Midwest. Here at the Kennel, we breed only the most intelligent and biddable dogs available. This description points to the Elhew line of pointer which we use exclusively.

The types of dogs that are produced here are easily handled, start earlier than most others, and are intelligent enough to hunt as their surrounding permit. Our dogs have been from prairie to woods and have handled grouse, sharptails, pheasant, quail, huns, and woodcock. This type of bird sense has been carefully bred into this line for generations. We breed very selectively here at Kenlo Farms, and because of this, puppies and started dogs are not as available as some, but our quality is assured.

Have a look for yourself, and if you have any questions please contact Kenlo Farms.

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